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My name is Alexa Young

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Suzanne Ward


Author of Matthew's books, 'Tell me about Heaven', 'Revelations for a New Age', 'Voices from the Universe', 'Dawn of the New Light', although Suzanne Ward herself thinks this needs some nuance. Since as a medium she receives the texts of various authors who are not present on Earth, she considers herself their scribe and editor. She acknowledges with sincere gratitude the people whose encouragement and assistance helped bring these books into the world.

My husband, Robert Chapman, whose understanding of my dedication has enabled me to devote most of my time since January 1994 to recording transmissions, indexing and organizing related information, and pushing to get it published. Bob's blessings on my mission continue from his home in Nirvana, the spirit world near Earth.

Thanks to the generosity of my son Eric, the books were also printed in large numbers. My children Betsy and Michael have also believed in my mission from day one, as have my grandchildren Susana, Eduardo, Gabriel, Raquel and Carolina.

In addition, many others also played an important role, not least all the people in other countries who were responsible for the translations and editions. To all, named and unnamed benefactors of Matthew's books, my boundless gratitude for your invaluable assistance in my spiritual mission to share information with the world.

The purpose of all the books in the series is to enlighten, guide, and reassure us during this unprecedented time in the universe.

As a reader, you will notice that Matthew sometimes sounds casual and other times academic. His way of speaking is a response to my vibrations, which differ depending on whether my interest in an issue is personal or objective. Regarding his use of masculine pronouns to refer to both man and woman, Matthew says: Please take this as it is intended, for ease of speaking and reading only and NEVER as a suggestion of male superiority in any respect.

Author of Matthew's books, 'Tell me about Heaven', 'Revelations for a New Age', 'Voices from the Universe', 'Dawn of the New Light'.


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