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Meet the authors of Obelisk. View their bibliography, background information and contact options.

Author Suzanne Ward

Author of Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven, Revelations for a New Era, Illuminations for a New Era, Voices of the Universe and Earth’s Golden Age.

Bert Weteringe.jpg

Bert writes openly about the devastating effect of the climate agenda on society and nature, and specifically about wind turbines.

Author Marcel Messing

Marcel Messing studied anthropology, philosophy and comparative religion.


Karsten is co-founder of Energy Abundance: a foundation that conducts independent research into free energy technology.

Author Thea Terlouw

Even as a child, Thea Terlouw was aware of a world that others could not perceive.

Paolo Renati Photo.jpeg

Paolo Renati, PhD, presents a critical analysis of today’s rampant technological advancements, especially in synthetic biology, genetic manipulation, and the creation of bionic entities like androids and cyborgs.

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Frank Stadermann's worldview changed drastically when he saw things, like 'orbs'.

Stadermann describes his discoveries with the sparkling thoroughness one may expect from a creative lawyer. With evidence that would hold up in ‘any court of law’.

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