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Energy Abundance

Introduction to Free Energy

Karsten van Asdonk


Energy makes the world go round. In our society, however, energy management is in utter crisis. The energy demand is growing faster and faster while prices steadily rise, and our planet is being thoroughly polluted. So-called ‘sustainable’ energy innovations still bite the dust compared to fossil fuels. Moreover, they often damage nature in novel ways we aren’t fully aware of. The availability of energy, in general, is becoming an ever-greater problem.


However, in a technical sense, genuine solutions to the energy conundrum have long been invented. Since the era of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), breakthrough energy technologies have been created by him and many others that could provide the world with an abundance of clean energy, continuously and everywhere on the planet. These technologies are completely free of pollution, free of limitation and free of monopolistic profits. For these reasons, the energy generated by these technologies is called free energy.


Where does this energy come from? How do free energy technologies work? Who were the pioneers working on them? What is the current state of these technologies? Why do we hardly hear anything about them? These and other questions will be addressed in this book, which includes a general introduction to free energy, the rich history of the phenomenon, the pioneers who devoted their lives to it and the resistance they faced. Gradually, it will become clear that the crucial factor in adopting free energy is more than just a technical one. It involves our very consciousness as human beings.


A new era of unprecedented possibilities is dawning where every aspect of our existence will evolve. Are we ready to open up to a world of energy abundance?

Energy Abundance

SKU: 9789464611489
  • ISBN: 9789464611489

    Main title: Energy Abundance

    Subtitle: Introduction to Free Energy

    Series: -

    Author: Karsten van Asdonk

    Appearance: Paperback/softback

    Publication date: March 2024

    Publisher: Obelisk Books

    Price: €18.99

    Number of pages: 120

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