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These heartwarming and often astonishing conversations between Matthew Ward (who died at age 17) and his mother Suzanne reveal the great differences in what religions teach us about Heaven and the reality of Earth's spirit world.


Matthew clears up common misconceptions about the world where he lives (he says its proper name is Nirvana) and he explains why, in this unprecedented time in the history of Earth, it is essential that we know the truth of our beginnings and our relationship with all of creation. Without that truth, we cannot understand either the purpose of our lives or how to prepare confidently and joyously for what is to come.

Matthew, Tell Me about Heaven

SKU: 9789464610758
  • ISBN: 9789464610758

    Main title: Matthew, Tell me about Heaven

    Subtitle: A Firsthand Description of the Afterlife

    Series: The Books of Matthew, 1

    Author: Ward, Suzanne

    Appearance: Paperback/softback

    Publication date: 28-06-2023

    Publisher: Obelisk Media B.V.

    Imprint: Obelisk Books

    Price: €19.99

    Number of pages: 156

    Dimension:: 5.830" x 8.270" x 0.36160"

    Weight: 213.64 grams

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