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The massive infusion of light from far distant sources that is enabling our world to undergo a total transformation is helping us to expand consciously and awaken spiritually.

Representatives of six civilizations speak about their people's homeland, history, culture, appearance and how they are helping Earth and us to ascend out of third density, where darkness thrives. 

Revelations for a New Era

SKU: 9789464610765
  • ISBN: 9789464610765 

    Main title: Revelations for a New Era

    Subtitle: Keys to Restoring Paradise on Earth

    Series: The Books of Matthew, 2

    Author: Ward, Suzanne

    Appearance: Paperback/softback

    Publication date: 01-09-2023

    Publisher: Obelisk Media B.V.

    Imprint: Obelisk Books

    Price: €23.99

    Number of pages: 232

    Dimension: 5.830” x 8.270” x 0.52810”

    Weight: 310.26 grams

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