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The Intangible Orb
A wondrous phenomenon observed from all angles
Frank Stadermann

ORBS ARE SPHERES of light that manifest themselves in photos and videos at the most unexpected moments. Some say they are dust particles, others call them manifestations from another dimension. Whatever the case may be, it is a special phenomenon, and then to think, that most people do not even notice them.


That's a pity, says Frank Stadermann, who, with this book, wants to involve the reader in his own search. Not only does he cover everything that is known about orbs, he complements it with his own experiences, experiments and opinions. He also discusses, in detail, the experiences of other authors. He keeps on asking critical questions and seeking explanations, giving the reader the space to draw his own conclusions.


This book picks up where other books about orbs leave off. Stadermann opens up new vistas and asks questions that have not been asked by other authors yet. This book may rightly be called the new standard work on orbs. With an extensive keyword register and the necessary references, this book is also a good starting point for further research. Finally, the author gives a series of tips on how to photograph orbs yourself.


FRANK STADERMANN is a retired attorney at law in The Netherlands, at the time specialised in liability and insurance law. For over forty years he was a 'respectable’ lawyer until his wife took him to witness the crop circles in Wiltshire. Reluctantly and with a good dose of scepticism he set off. However, his worldview changed drastically when he saw things, like 'orbs', which he would have thought absolutely impossible before. Once back in the Netherlands he forgot about the orbs for a while, until a friend of his re-acquainted him with the phenomenon. That was for him the trigger to go into it more elaborately. His research would prove to be the start of an adventurous journey. Stadermann describes his discoveries with the sparkling thoroughness one may expect from a creative lawyer. With evidence that would hold up in ‘any court of law’.

The Intangible Orb

SKU: 9789464611212
  • ISBN: 9789464611212

    Main title: The Intangible Orb

    Subtitle: A wondrous phenomenon observed from all angles

    Series: -

    Author: Frank Stadermann

    Appearance: Hardback

    Publication date: 23-05-2024

    Publisher: Obelisk Media B.V.

    Imprint: Obelisk Books

    Price: € 54,99

    Number of pages: 228

    Dimension: -

    Weight: 1086 gram

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