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Your voices as much as any others are 'voices of the universe,' and you need to start thinking of yourselves that way.


That is how God spoke of the need for this book.


As the energy in every single one of our thoughts, feelings, words and actions flows out, by natural law it affects us all. That energy we are sending attracts similar energy in the universe and pulls more of its kind back to us. Individually, we literally are creating our own lives in every moment and simultaneously, collectively, we are creating our world.


And it doesn't end here. The energy we continuously are generating affects in kind the mass consciousness of the entire universe, thus it is impacting our space brothers and sisters. No wonder so many of them are eager to help us bring light to Earth!

Voices of the Universe

SKU: 9789464610789
  • ISBN: 9789464610789

    Main title: Voices of the Universe

    Subtitle: -

    Series: The Books of Matthew, 4

    Author: Ward, Suzanne

    Appearance: Paperback/softback

    Publication date: 28-06-2023

    Publisher: Obelisk Media B.V.

    Imprint: Obelisk Books

    Price: €19.99

    Number of pages: 184

    Dimension: 5.830” x 8.270” x 0.42320” 

    Weight: 249.02 grams

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