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Suppose that much of what you have learned is not true. That you have been manipulated unknowingly all your life with ideas about religion, politics, economics, history, education, health, war and peace. Suppose you find out that lies have become truths.


How would you feel? Deceived? Upset? Angry? Disappointed? Sad? Or relieved, because deep in your heart you already knew, but never dared to speak out? But your silence is to the advantage of those who manipulate us and have been deceiving us for a long time.


The first edition of this book was published in October 2006 and quickly became a bestseller. ‘Surely this can’t be true? This is doom and gloom,’ many people said at the time. In 2021, it turns out that some of these predictions have come true, which is why this book is more in demand now than ever.


Will We Wake Up? is about the hidden forces behind the world stage that are striving for a New World Order. Are we living in a time of transition or in ‘the end of times’? Since 11 September 2001 (9/11), everything accelerated. What is going on? Why all of a sudden all these big brother techniques: cameras, satellites, drones, artificial intelligence, robots, various passports, DNA databases, scans, biometrics, the rapid roll-out of 5G? Will total control and manipulation of our minds eventually become possible through the implantation of a subcutaneous microchip in relation to the Internet of Things? Are our freedom and privacy fundamentally threatened?


Will We Wake Up? reveals shocking facts, but also shows that especially in these critical times, mankind can make an enormous leap in its evolution of consciousness through knowledge and understanding.  But then we will have to wake up collectively as soon as possible…


Marcel Messing is an anthropologist, philosopher and author.

Will We Wake Up?

SKU: 9789493071902
  • ISBN: 9789493071902

    Main title: Will We Wake Up?

    Subtitle: The Hidden Powers Behind The World Stage

    Series: -

    Author: Marcel Messing

    Appearance: Paperback/softback

    Publication date: 21-01-2022

    Publisher: Obelisk Media B.V.

    Imprint: Obelisk Books

    Price: €24.99

    Number of pages: 236

    Dimension: 5.830” x 8.270” x 0.53670”

    Weight: 315.25 grams

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